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Earlier this week a national reporter called me to ask some questions about COVID-19 and how it might relate to the funeral industry as more and more deaths occur.  My prediction on the services front was that even if we hit the range of 100,000 to 240,000 deaths that the administration is now predicting, that is an annual increase of between 3% and 8% over America’s annual 2.8 million annual deaths.  So, it is something that I believe America’s death care professionals are prepared for.

However, I also pointed out that that increase, if proven correct, will not be uniform to all locales and it is my expectation that there will be many more deaths in locales that are being termed “Hotspots” and many less deaths in some areas.  And, when those deaths in “Hotspots” come, they will come not gradually over the course of the year. . . .they will all come within an approximate 6 week period.  That means that funeral directors, cremation workers, and cemetery workers in those “Hotspots” are going to be incredible “slammed” and on the job 24/7 for that period of time.

Here are a couple of articles on how those colleagues working in today’s “Hotspots” are doing.  My hat goes off to all of these workers in these areas right now.  They deserve our appreciation and our applause for how they are serving their communities in this time of need.  A little prayer for them would not hurt either.

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