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COVID-19 and its possible effects on the funeral profession

As I dwell on what is going on currently – such as the market rebounding to its past level, businesses opening up across the country, and school administrators deciding on how to safely open up for classes in the Fall, I cannot help but wonder if the funeral profession will have ramifications because of the three month period we have just went through. Let’s see, across the country we have had mass layoffs bordering on the unemployment statistics of the […]


Information for funeral professionals and suppliers

Last week Funeral Director Daily realized it could make a difference getting out information, mostly pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic and our profession.  Over a few days we attempted to aggregate information that could be useful to people in the death care professions and use our subscription base to blast that information out. Thanks to our subscribers who then disseminated the information further to their co-workers and business associates the information got out and probably helped someone somewhere.  We will […]


Alleghany Capital completes Wilbert acquisition

Alleghany Capital Corporation of New York City, New York, announced on April 1, in a release you can read here from Yahoo finance, that it had completed its acquisition of the majority of stock of Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. of Overland Park, Kansas. Wilbert, a name synonymous with the death care industry since its start in 1880, operates through company owned locations and a network of nearly 200 licensees that manufacture and distribute Wilbert branded products throughout the United States […]


Teaching old dogs new tricks

The old saying is that you “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Well, I think after this week that I am living proof that statement definitely does not hold water. You see, this week I watched four webinars on what is happening in funeral service and the death care industry.  That, in itself, for a 62-year old, 35 year veteran of the profession is a new trick!  I have been used to learning from going to seminars and reading. […]


Funeral business is capitalism at its best

You will seldom see me inflict my political beliefs into Funeral Director Daily but it is hard at this time of the 2020 election cycle not to watch television and get some type of information on the political happenings.  And, I won’t go into candidates or political parties, but the current divisiveness between capitalism and socialism has had me thinking about the funeral business and its origin and evolution. When I think of capitalism I think of the process that […]


Plenty of opportunities for women in the death care profession

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mortuary Science in 1980 — in a class of about 40 males and one female.  That is just the way it was. . .there were no young women going into the business at that time.  Today, the mortuary science classes at my alma mater are about 70% female. I recently came across this article from Indiana that was about the 17th Nontraditional Employment for Women Opportunities Workshop in Syracuse, Indiana.  I thought […]


Ohio funeral home to close after 120 years

The Warren (Ohio) Tribune Chronicle reports today that the McFarland-Barbee Funeral Home in that city will close its doors for good on Saturday after over 120 years in business. According to the article, which you can read here, owner and director Mark Barbee said on Thursday, “After sitting down with my wife, our accountant, and an attorney, we made the decision.”  Again, according to the article, Barbee had bought the funeral home from Jim McFarland  who had been  the 4th […]


America’s next migration movement and its effect on funeral service

I’m a history buff and I love to look back and learn what has happened in our country.  I’ve found that many times a “precipitator” happens and that event or group of events causes history to happen.  I was running on my treadmill the other morning watching CNBC for business news and Fox News for other news and in switching back and forth between channels I realized that in different ways they were talking about the same thing. What they […]


What do you see on the Horizon?

The other day a funeral service professional asked me, “What do you see on the horizon for funeral service?”  Since I have not put out any predictions for over a year I thought I would just give an answer on what comes to mind first for me.  Instead of a long, thought out answer sometimes it is just a good exercise to say what comes to your mind first. So, here I go.  And one of the things that sticks […]


Don’t Lose a Long-Time Client Family

I just read an article by Alyssa McNab on the Homesteaders Life Company blog  where I thought that she did a very good job in delineating how a funeral home could, under certain circumstances, lose a long time client family.  Obviously, this is something no one in the funeral business wants to have happen, but Ms. McNab does a good job of warning against complacency. In the last ten days we have discussed marketing of funeral homes on this site […]