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News from the World of Death Care – 6.18.2020

In our afternoon update for today in the world of Death Care we bring you artcles that include StoneMor, Inc.’s decision to reject an offer from Axar Capital to purchase all of the outstanding shares of StoneMor and take the company private.  Funeral Director Daily had earlier reported on this potential development in May in an article that you can read here. We also bring you an article from WIBW Channel 13 in Topeka, Kansas, where the Shawnee County Health […]


Teaching old dogs new tricks

The old saying is that you “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Well, I think after this week that I am living proof that statement definitely does not hold water. You see, this week I watched four webinars on what is happening in funeral service and the death care industry.  That, in itself, for a 62-year old, 35 year veteran of the profession is a new trick!  I have been used to learning from going to seminars and reading. […]

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Will “Death Photos” become part of your services

According to this article from the Minneapolis Tribune but syndicated by the New York Times, “when Louise Rafkin posted a photo of her mother on Facebook the night of her death at age 98 in September with her golden retriever at her side, it rattled some family members and friends.”  “The Facebook post was a way to announce the death,” Rafkin said. We’ve all heard about the “death photos” of the past when it might be at a funeral that […]


The power of “Positive”

An interesting article came out this past weekend from the Metrowest Daily News of suburban Boston.  The article, that you can read here, dealt with the changes in funeral service over time for some of the long established funeral homes west of Boston in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Some of the funeral homes questioned for the article have been in the same family ownership for 150 years and into the 6th generation. One of the owners mentions that when he was born […]


Singapore sites Four new funeral parlours

Funeral customs around the world are interesting to observe.  But, just as the customs are interesting to observe so are the challenges of those in funeral service for profit in the differing countries with differing values in funeral service.  I recently read an article in Channel News Asia that you can read here. Land is at a premium in Singapore and private enterprises have to get permission to use land for their project in competition as to what the competing […]


The Funeral — Ceremony or Celebration??

So, one of the great things of growing older and living for six decades is that you gain perspective.  I started to think of that over the weekend when I both celebrated an anniversary and learned of the news of Sen. John McCain’s death and the funeral arrangements for singer Aretha Franklin.  Angie and I discussed how our perspectives on many things have changed as the years have gone by since we were married. Hearing of Sen. McCain’s death brought […]


The Decline of the Church. . and What it means for Death Care

The lead article in yesterday’s Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune was entitled, “As Churches Close, a Way of Life Fades”.  It is an excellent article on the path our nation, and by the graph I’ve put with this article, other nations are heading with church membership.  You can read the article here. Funeral Director Daily take:  While the article has no funeral or death care related topics to it, as I was reading it I kept on wondering “What does this […]

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Pure Cremation Secures $10 million in Venture Financing

Pure Cremation, the company that was started in the United Kingdom in 2015 recently announced that it will have received a total of US $10 million in funding for its low cost model of simple cremations following death.  According to this article from Evening Express which you can read here, Elliot Kaye, an investment director at Puma Investments said this of the company, “his firm is putting money behind what he hopes is a winning combination of an experienced management […]


A Transformational Time

Today we bring you a short, less than 3 minute video, and article that you can access here that has the CEO of death care conglomerate InvoCare speaking on why he believes it “is a transformational time” in the industry.  CEO Martin Earp, speaking with CNBC, talks of the major shift on how people are approaching their own funeral instead of having someone else plan it after they are gone. Earp contends in the video that people are now “hands […]