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Foundation Partners adds to California presence

Funeral Director Daily received word last week that Foundation Partners Group, the Orlando based operator of funeral homes, cremation centers, and cemeteries, has acquired the Bermudez Family Cremations and Funerals operation in Monterey, California. That acquisition expands the Foundation partners network in California to eight locations. Here’s what Foundation Partners Group CEO Bob Bukala had to say about the acquisition, “Bermudez Family Cremations and Funerals makes a great addition to our growing portfolio of operations in Northern California.  The business […]


Foundation Partners adds to Florida Gulf Coast operations

In this release from Foundation Partners Group you can read about their new acquisitions on the west coast of Florida.  The Orlando based company announced on Wednesday, June 10, that they had acquired two firms with common ownership in that area. It was announced that Foundation Partners Group (FPG) acquired the Jennings Funeral Home and Crematory in Sarasota, Florida, as well as Gulf Coast Cremations in Sarasota and Venice, Florida.  FPG commented that the acquisitions “adds to the growing network […]


Coronavirus illness among staff closes funeral home

This was bound to happen so we probably should not be surprised by this headline.  However, it still seemed surreal to me when I read in this article from the Arizona Daily Star that a Tucson, Arizona, funeral home had been closed due to “a number of staff” members falling ill and being required to self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. The article tells of the Adair Funeral Home on North Dodge Boulevard in Tucson that had […]


Foundation Partners ready for surge

In this press release that we found on the PR Newswire, funeral home operator Foundation Partners Group has announced that it is ready to serve America during the potential surge wave of COVID-19 across the country.  Quoting from the release, “Foundation Partners Group , operator of more than 135 funeral homes, cremation centers and cemeteries across the U.S., is prepared with the experience, resources, and technology to safely care for grieving families during this unprecedented outbreak. The following is a […]


New Year brings news of Foundation Partners adding to Tucson brands

In a press release from Foundation Partners Group (FPG) that is dated December 31, 2019, but not known by us until January 2, 2020, we have learned that the company has made an acquisition in Tucson, Arizona which includes the Adair Funeral Homes and Desert Sunset Funeral Home of that area. You can read the press release from FPG here. The press release states that the Adair Funeral Homes were founded in 1956 and at this time the third generation […]


Musgrove Family Mortuaries joins Foundation Partners Group

We learned last week that one of the northwest United States premier funeral home families has decided to cast their lot with Foundation Partners Group (FPG).  Musgrove Family Mortuaries and Cemeteries, based in Eugene, Oregon, announced last week that they had been acquired by FPG.  You can see the press release from Foundation Partners Group here. Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries history comes out of the Day and Henderson Funeral Home founded in 1883.  The Musgrove family gained ownership in 1973 […]


Foundation Partners keeps rolling along

It seems that we are announcing acquisitions by the Foundation Partners Group in rapid succession.  Today we bring you the news that last week it was announced that Foundation Partners Group announced in this press release that they had purchased two funeral/cremation companies on the east, or Space Coast, side of Florida.  The two firms will add six locations to the Foundation Partners Group portfolio of properties. The press release announces the acquisition of Ammen Family Cremation and Funeral Care […]


Foundation Partners adds locations

In a press release issued last week Foundation Partners Group announced that it had purchased a group of funeral and cremation operations.  The group consists of three business, that were owned by one party,  known as Advent Funeral and Cremation Services with locations in Falls Church, Virginia, and Lanham, Maryland.  Also included in the purchase was Rapp Funeral Service in Sliver Spring, Maryland, and Chesapeake Crematory in Beltsville, Maryland. You can access the Foundation Partners press release here. According to […]


Acquisitions keep on rolling around the world

There are a lot of reasons that businesses, including funeral homes, change operational and ownership hands.  Sometimes a single proprietor gets a price that he just can’t turn down.  Sometimes a single proprietor just wants to retire and either has no family to go into the business or family that wants to pursue other goals and ambitions. Sometimes the transaction is spurred by the acquiring company that wants to get larger and has ideas where, through operational efficiencies and promotion,  […]


Foundation Partners adds another acquisition

Acquisitions continue to be announced in the death care business.  It seems that there are a lot of businesses where the ownership is ready to transition out of the profession and there is an ever growing number of neighbor, regional, and national providers of funeral and cremation care that are intent on getting larger. In our opinion, not all acquisitions are good or beneficial to the continuing business.  We believe that acquisitions can be positive to the bottom line when […]