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A funeral business advantage

During my high school summers I worked for a furniture store delivering furniture.  One of the things that I came to realize during that time was the concept of warranties and just how much it mattered in that business. The owner of the furniture store and the sales reps sold furniture not only with the factory warranty but also with their personal warranty that they would “stand behind the product”.  There were products that were defective and the store and […]


The dead rising?

Regardless what your personal views are on climate change, we found this article from the E & E News that explains that there have been a lot more cemeteries that have seen problems from rising water and what E & E determines is climate change in the last couple of years. The article starts off with this first two sentences.  “The dead rise in Louisiana.  All it takes is some floodwater.” The article continues with this paragraph.  “People in this […]


How to pay for failing cemeteries? — This county thinks it can pass a property tax

This is not the first time that we have discussed the issue of neglected, abandoned, or just plain financially failing cemeteries on this forum.  However, this might be the first time where a county is to the point where they may bring the issue to the voters in order to create a dedicated funding stream for such. According to this article from the California Mountain Democrat, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors recently voted 4-1 to move forward and […]


Past Lives Matter

“Past Lives Matter” is but one of dozens of signs that were placed in the Rest Haven Cemetery in Avon, Ohio, this past weekend.  You can read about and see a news video here of the issues with that cemetery that have family members of people buried there upset. The cause that is upsetting relatives is the fact that the cemetery continues to flood putting headstones underwater and causing other problems at the StoneMor Partners owned property.  Disgruntled family members […]


Cremation. . . .perception vs. reality

Virtually every week that I follow articles on the death care industry I will see an article like this one from CBS Local in New York that pertains to a neighborhood group banding together to stop the construction of a new crematory in their area.  This article, which includes a news video, comes from Middletown Township, New Jersey and is about the Colts Glen neighborhood trying to stop what they call a “toxic plan” for the Fair View Cemetery to […]


Big issues with Cemeteries

One of the issues that I have seen growing bigger and bigger in just the last couple of years is how association owned cemeteries can continue to make budgets in the wake of the direct cremation with no burial environment. It seems to me that more and more articles are popping up from all over the country concerning neglected cemeteries that just don’t have the resources to operate in the wake of no longer selling many burial lots and performing […]


Precautions alleviate casket issues during Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Matthew overflowed the Neuse River near Goldsboro, North Carolina in 2016 almost 40 caskets floated from their grave sites and into the rushing and rising water.  That caused city administrators the problem of eventually returning the caskets to their rightful grave spaces.  As of last week 16 of those caskets that were disturbed by the flooding two years ago have yet to be re-interred pending DNA analysis to get to the proper graves. All of the displacements that […]