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News from around the world of Death Care

In today’s afternoon snapshot we have lots of news from around the world.  In the United States, among other stories,  we found a news investigation on StoneMor and some of their cemetery properties in West Virginia.  We found an article and link to a webinar being produced by an Illinois family funeral home, and we found an article on a coroners primary election race in South Carolina where a young funeral director defeated a well entrenched incumbent. Internationally, we found […]


What about “Demand”?

On Monday at about the time that the stock market was closing for the day I happened to tune in to CNBC to see what had happened during the day in those markets.  All the talk was about oil prices as the talking heads were busy informing the world, that at this point in human history, we now have too much oil. Who would have ever thought that?  There were times not long ago where oil was priced at over […]

Cemetery Cremation Products

TGIF – It’s been quite a week!!

Let’s see. . . Super Bowl, State of the Union Speech, Impeachment Vote, my Minnesota Twins got involved in a blockbuster baseball trade, and my Minnesota Gophers beat arch-rival Wisconsin in basketball. . . it’s been quite a week to keep everything straight.  To end it for my Funeral Director Daily readers I will not bore you with a long business related article. . . but, will just provide you with some links on death care information that has been […]

Cremation Products Regulations

We’re not in Kansas anymore. . .or are we?

Alkaline hydrolysis as a means of final disposition keeps growing in legality in states across the United States.  Recomposition, the act of human composting becomes legal in the State of Washington this year, and now it is probable that the State of Kansas will see a bill introduced into its legislature to legalize “promession” as another form of final disposition of a human remains. Promession as a process comes to us as the invention of Swedish biologist Susanne Wiigh-Masak.  Wiigh-Masak […]


Minnesota firm approved for alkaline hydrolysis, more

About ten days ago we told you that Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home and Cremation in Jordan, Minnesota, was pursuing the idea of placing an alkaline hydrolysis unit in their business so that client families have a choice between flame cremation and alkaline hydrolysis – sometimes known as water or green cremation. According to this article, the company was approved by the City of Jordan to offer the additional service.  It is interesting to note that no “significant conditions” were added to […]


Calculating the environmental costs. . . what matters most?

The article begins, “Cremation and ground burial both have carbon footprints that have some people looking for other options for the afterlife.”  That sentence pulled me in but what I went on to watch and read in this video and news story from Chemical & Engineering News pertaining to the “new” death care economy that some say will be built on the environment was simply fascinating as to what many people are banking on and the simple science facts behind […]


Alkaline hydrolysis discussed at Minnesota city planning commission

Nine years ago, the Ballard-Sunder Funeral & Cremation business had a protracted discussion with community residents about allowing the first crematory in the city of Jordan, Minnesota, to open.  Back then citizens filed lawsuits against the city and state that in effect said that zoning rulings for “funeral home” and “crematories” were not identical uses. A county judge agreed with that suit and the City of Jordan was then required to amend their zoning ordinance to include “crematory” into the […]


Death care and the (near term) changes coming

We all know that over the long-term, such as the past 40 years between 1980 and now, change has occurred in the death care industry mainly by the advent of the almost universal acceptance of cremation.  Most funeral homes have been able to weather that storm by offering services for both types of choices in their establishment. At Funeral Director Daily we believe that choices will continue to be the mantra of the public with their decisions on death care.  […]


15 month odyssey for Green Burial completed

A written article and video news story from NBC Connecticut that you can see here tells the story of the death and eventual burial of Ms. Tessa Pascarella.  The story is one of the difficulty of having a green burial on land you own and how that can be accomplished.  To me, it is also a touching story of a son who would not quit in his pursuit of “doing for his mother what she wanted done.” I don’t think […]


Who drives the choices?

I spent three days last week in Las Vegas with about 150 other people from the death care profession.  The group is a wide mix of people, with all of us having the death care industry in common.  Some are small funeral home owner/operators like me, some are CEOs of the largest public death care companies, some are cemetery operators, some are suppliers, and some are well known consultants in the industry. I’ve attended this event almost every year since […]