Spanish province backtracks on cremation ban of the obese

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Spain’s Valencia region backtracked on some proposed regulations concerning cremation last week.  The area had issued proposed regulations for human cremations as the practice is growing in demand in the area.  The governmental region had mentioned that they are concerned with, and want to curtail, emissions from incineration.

You can read about these ideas here.

One of the proposed rules had to do with a ban on the cremation of very obese bodies.  Originally, they chose to include this ban using the following statement,  “the cremation of bodies with morbid obesity generates too many toxic emissions.”  After the proposed rules became public they issued a statement backtracking on this.  That backtracking statement reads in part, “these (obese) circumstances do not pose a differentiated health risk for public health in the terms established by the regulations.”

Other proposed rules in the cremation regulations may include a ban on incinerating bodies of people who underwent cancer treatment with radioactive needles and a prohibition of cremating bodies in caskets constructed with certain materials such as resins of plastics.

Finally, the regulations, because of a surge in petitions for new crematoria, comes with a zoning type of ordinance about the location of future crematories.  The regulations call for new facilities to be built at least 200 meters from homes, health centers, schools, and parks.

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