Public company notes. . .StoneMor, Park Lawn

We noticed a couple of articles in the news or opinion sections today about death care public companies StoneMor Partners and Park Lawn Corporation and just thought we would pass them on.

  1. StoneMor Partners to eliminate 340 positions.  This article points out that StoneMor Partners will be targeting 340 positions as it attempts to eliminate $30 million of annual costs in addition to the $20 million the article says it has already weeded out of operations.  We point out that the article is from the Philadelphia Business Journal and you may not be able to access it without payment.  However, we felt it important to tell our readers about StoneMor’s attempts in the revitalization of their operating model.
  2. This article from Yahoo Finance is an opinion piece on, using technical data, whether the dividend being paid by Park Lawn Corporation is sustainable going forward.  From our point of view, we have always believed that it is difficult to be both a growth stock and a strong dividend paying stock.  I believe that the article, without mentioning that fact, supports my belief that Park Lawn may have to decide if it is one or the other.
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