InvoCare to “back down” on administrative fee


An article that you can see here from Choice indicates that Australian funeral market leader InvoCare will back down on an “administrative fee” that is added to all funeral statements.  According to the article, InvoCare’s Keiron Humbler, when asked about the removal of this fee commented, “That’s the plan”.

Funeral Director Daily first told our readers of the complaint in this article last November.  In essence, this fee of $320 detractors contend, is a “late fee” added before the payment is late.  The practice is that clients are allowed to deduct the amount, which is billed on every statement as an administrative fee,  from the funeral bill if they pay within 20 days.

Critics contend that many clients pay the funeral bill before the 20 days and do not realize to deduct the charge.  The critics have argued in a complaint sent to the Australian Competition and Commerce Commission that the term “administration fee” was “misleading because the fee does not cover any type of service, and therefore operates a a pre-emptive penalty.”

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