Here’s a Product you have not Seen

I plan on ending the week by telling you about a product that I did not know existed until earlier this week when I was doing some research for future articles here at Funeral Director Daily.  How many of you know about the “Infinity Burial Suit”?

Here is the web-site where you can find out more.  The Infinity Burial Suit, from what I can tell is a burial garment to be worn by humans, especially in cases of natural earth burial.  It has also been designed in a pouch format, for what I believe might be its greatest commercial use.  That is for the earth burial of family pets.

According to the web-site, the Infinity Burial Suit can:

  • Cleanse the body and soil of toxins that would otherwise seep into the environment
  • Delivers nutrients from the body to surrounding plant roots efficiently
  • Restarts life around the body faster than normal

Death care is evolving.  That is no denying that.  We no longer have earth burial as the majority of all dispositions.  Who knows what might be next.  I suggest that you visit the above website to learn about this product.  As mature and conservative as I am, this product is not for me but, I have served families who would use the product.

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