Funeral homes open. . . . funeral homes close

Entrepreneurship, business ownership, and the like is not for the faint of heart.  But, it can be unbelievably rewarding — not only for the income and assets one may build up with a successful business — but also for the opportunity to be your own boss and command the rudder of your own ship.

It isn’t something to take lightly and, generally, one needs to rely on a good plan, and not just hope, to become a going concern where you take in more money than you spend.  But, if you have the dream, the ambition, the plan, and the work ethic to make it work, it provides a great sense of accomplishment.

Today we bring you this article from the Independent Tribune of Concord, North Carolina, which depicts the recent building project of what has become the Cabarrus Funeral, Cremation & Cemetery business in Concord.  The article highlights the recent completion of a funeral home on the grounds of the Cabarrus Cemetery that is owned by Dan Sullivan.

Sullivan states in the article, “Final arrangements can be as simple or elaborate as our clients wish. And best of all, we can provide end-to-end servicing right here. From cremations to traditional funerals to burials here on our beautiful, 30-acre grounds, we truly offer simplicity and one-stop shopping for all end-of-life planning and needs.”

It is interesting to note what drove Mr. Sullivan and his wife, Mary, into funeral service.  From their web-site that you can access here, I learned of their loss of a son in 2010 and their growing desire to take that loss and turn it into something that was “able to ease other people’s journey” at the time of loss.  In 2012 they purchased an existing cemetery and later added cremation and funeral services to that business.  And, today, they have just completed adding a new funeral home on that property.

We wish them well.

On the flip side — And, sometimes the best laid out plans don’t always go as well as you thought they would.  We also bring you this article from the McDowell News of Marion, North Carolina, that tells of two Dignity Memorial funeral homes to close.  The funeral homes mentioned are the Kirksey Funeral Homes in Marion, NC and Old Fort, NC.

According to the article, the statement provided said the following, “After almost 15 years of service to families within our community, the Kirksey Funeral Home locations in Marion and Old Fort are closing.  All prearranged funeral contracts with Kirksey Funeral Home will be honored at any Dignity Memorial provider, including the Morganton location.”

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