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A couple of days ago the world not only broke into a new decade, but the turning over of the calendar into 2020 also signified a milestone for our little newsletter, Funeral Director Daily.  Last week we passed into the realm of going over 1,000 daily subscribers to the blog I created just to stay in touch with the death care industry after my retirement from such.

Subscribers either receive a daily e-mail or Twitter feed of Funeral Director Daily and only receive it because they ask for it.  It is incredibly satisfying to me that over 1,000 people in our industry look forward to receiving what I have to say.  Thank you!!

The readership of Funeral Director Daily has been grown organically.  I have not spent one dollar on lists or advertising or such as a way to keep costs for the blog down.  At some point, if I decide to turn it into a commercial venture that may be done, but with a commercial venture also comes much more responsibility and I’m not so sure that I’m looking for that.

However, there are expenses associated with the enterprise.  Such things as internet security and distribution do cost money and I am thankful of those in the profession  who have stepped forward to help sponsor this effort.  You will notice those companies, who value the distribution of Funeral Director Daily to the industry, on the right side of the page if reading on a computer screen or can be seen by scrolling down on a phone application.  A special thank you to those companies for their dedication to spreading death care industry insights and thoughts for the benefit of all.

Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily!!

From the beginning the people at Cressy Memorial, who distribute the Crowne Urn Vault, have let me know that they appreciate the work being done at Funeral Director Daily.  They were the first people who asked to sponsor the blog and for that I am ever grateful.

Then the people at ASD joined right in.  If you need to know how your funeral home’s communications can be better click thru on their spot and see what they can do for you.

Jake and Tom Johnson from Johnson Consulting were next.  I’ve known the Johnson family for about 30 years and consider them some of the nicest people in funeral service.  If you need some advice on anything death care, you might want to get hold of them.

Finally, Patrick Zalusky and the fine folks in the pre-need space of Laker Planning Service have sponsored Funeral Director Daily and by doing so have tried to let others in the industry know how they can help you grow your pre-need business.  Send an e-mail to Patrick and he will get right on growing your pre-need.

All in all, it has been a pretty humbling experience to learn what I have to say on the intersection of the funeral profession, business enterprise experience, and life in general has been so well received.  I’d love to know what you think.  Please use the comment portion of the blog to let me know what’s good, what’s bad, and how I can improve Funeral Director Daily.

No one has been more fortunate than I.  I served families for 35 years as a front line funeral director and funeral home owner in a small town. Like many who find the funeral director calling, I have a unique story on how I got to where I got to and the people who helped me along the way.  Someday, I will share those experiences with Funeral Director Daily readers. While I believe that I gave service to those who called on me, over the years I truly gained more than I gave.  Serve others and you will find meaning and happiness.

Thank you for reading Funeral Director Daily.

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  1. We are enjoying your work but wanted to ask…..
    Why does your name never appear on this newsletter/Blog ?

    I could never find it (maybe I need new glasses)
    so wondered if this was truly, ‘Ghost Written.”

    Just Curious.

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