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From the Veterans Day file

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day across the United States and we noticed a couple of funeral related items that we thought we would pass on to our readers.

  • First of all, we noticed how Service Corporation International’ s Dignity Memorial location in Western Michigan received some really good attention on a television talk show about pre-planning options for veterans.  You can see the video here.  This is great publicity and public information.

We just think it is great marketing by the company and/or its funeral home that is available to any funeral home that would plan ahead and contact their television station.

Television stations are always looking for an angle.  Maybe you should put on your calendar for early October 2020 to contact the local station about doing a veteran funeral/cemetery/preneed talk with your funeral home next year.

  • Secondly, we noticed this item from the State of New York.  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in this clip and news feature that he will be spearheading and fast-tracking funding for a State Veterans Cemetery this year.

National Cemeteries are great and they are trying to expand also.  However, I think we have learned that the closer a veteran can be buried to where he lived, the more likely that the veteran and his family will use a veterans’ cemetery.  Makes me think that maybe more, but smaller VA cemeteries would be the appropriate plan.

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