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Generally, I’ve never been one to blow my own horn.  I’ve always felt, “Just do my job and those I serve will be my best advertisers”.  However, I’ve found out that in the process of building a world-wide read blog, sometimes you have to tell people what is happening to help them get excited and tell others what they are missing.

So, as you know, this blog has been home grown 100% with no financial resources thrown at building readership.  It has all been organically grown by people telling others and through internet searches such as through Google.

I am happy to relate that our readership in June 2019 stood at 5,892 which is a 103% increase over June 2018 in Year over Year totals.  And, maybe more impressively, our readership for June 2019 exceeded our readership in May 2019 by 8.7% in a monthly period — which extrapolated out would be at a 104% annual rate.   Which, if it holds true for the year, would bring us to over 10,000 monthly readers by next year at this time.

I need your help to do this, though.  So, if you appreciate what I am putting out there in general information and some editorial comment on a

Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

wide scope of issues of interest to the death care profession, please tell your friends in the business to sign up for our free subscription.  Thanks. . .and I always enjoy hearing from readers!!  Here’s what some have told me recently:

  • “Funeral Director Daily is one of the very few providers of funeral service information without a fee.  And, it is information of greater depth without agenda. “
  • “Once again, Tom. . . you impress me over and over with the daily news letter!  Keep up the good work!”
  • “As a retired funeral director after 40 years, I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate your approach to what is happening in the funeral industry.  I read your blog often because I’m getting a funeral home director/owner perspective and not (an opinion) of a so called “industry expert”.
  • “Tom: Congrats on your success.  You are providing excellent, thought provoking, and relevant content.  I’m a fan!”
  • “I find you to be one of the most insightful thinkers in this industry.  . you are the Harvey McKay of the funeral world. I am an outsider, a  former consultant. . .that now finds himself in the death care industry.”
  • “I have become an avid reader of your blog and fan of your insightful take on our profession.”
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