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Catching up with eziFunerals

There is no doubt that opinions can sway back and forth and can change over time.  I’ve noticed it in my own life. . . . as a young person I pretty much looked at every issue as black or white.  As I’ve aged and had the opportunity to experience more things, meet different people, and take the time to look at things from another’s perspective. . . .I’ve come to see the world in differing shades of gray. . […]

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Keeping the business flowing

I love the idea of “American ingenuity”.  To me it means the thought process that is developed to keep things moving ahead even when the system to do so has been upended.  And, around the world this Spring, the system has truly been upended with the advent of the COVID-19 situation. However, if you are a small business, you have to figure out a way to keep the cash rolling in so that you can pay the bills.  Many small […]


Streaming and the new mourning

There is no doubt since the advent of COVID-19 that the funeral profession has had to become more technologically advanced.  And, in the practice of the “no large gathering” prohibition across the country we have turned to technology, such as funeral streaming, to allow more people to mourn the services of a loved one. The funeral profession also has a myriad of opinions on how live streaming these funeral, memorial, and graveside events may become common practice and some in […]


Necessity (or COVID-19) is the mother of inventions

The old saying is that “Necessity is the mother of inventions”.  I thought of that as I read a couple of articles in the last couple of days on how young entrepreneurs are working to make a name for themselves and build a business in the death care industry. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will change some of the things we do in funeral service and the ancillary professional services in cremation and the cemetery business permanently. […]

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Our colleagues and friends aiding the effort

One of the great things in being part of the funeral, cremation, cemetery, and its supply business is that, as you work in it over time, you realize that it is a pretty small professional world and you get to know lots of people and lots of companies in the realm.  Also, you realize that whatever “it” is, we always seem to be in “it” together. Finally, you realize that one of the commonalities in the business is the propensity […]

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Today’s information for funeral professionals

Again, during this COVID-19 pandemic we want to thank our readers for continuing to disseminate information that is helpful to the death care profession.  Here are a couple of items that we have for you today. Webinar: How to continue to serve client families remotely.  This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8 at 2 pm Eastern Time – 1 pm Central Time.  It is hosted by Corey Tullier, a licensed funeral director and key account representative at CRaKN.  Over […]

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Funeral Directors helping funeral directors

When a crisis comes upon you – you have a choice.  You can shudder in a corner or you can face it and do all you can to be part of the solution.  I believe that funeral professionals and funeral business suppliers are those that want to be part of the solution. In that vein we bring you this news video and article from KTAB Television in Abilene, Texas, about what pre-need funeral insurance and death care solutions company Funeral […]

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Hillrom leading the charge against COVID-19

On Friday, or maybe it was Saturday, I was watching President’s Trump daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic and my ears picked up when I heard him him mention some of the companies that were leading the charge against the virus.  One of the companies he mentioned was Hillrom. If you have been around funeral service as long as I have you know that name and you know the history.  I thought today might be a good day for a […]

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Will this current challenge change funeral service

Unlike many of you who are a lot younger than I am, I no longer am responsible for working day after day and am no longer responsible for making the everyday decisions of businesses that I was in charge of in the past.  What that really means right now is that while I salute you for what you are doing in the workplace and for your community I am “sheltering in place” and basically watching the snow melt outside my […]

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Will “Death Photos” become part of your services

According to this article from the Minneapolis Tribune but syndicated by the New York Times, “when Louise Rafkin posted a photo of her mother on Facebook the night of her death at age 98 in September with her golden retriever at her side, it rattled some family members and friends.”  “The Facebook post was a way to announce the death,” Rafkin said. We’ve all heard about the “death photos” of the past when it might be at a funeral that […]