Radioactivity in the Retort

Two articles were recently written about an article that was published by Dr. Nathan Yu and colleagues in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) on February 26.  The JAMA article was a case report dealing with a 69 year old man with pancreatic cancer who was treated with nuclear medicine at an Arizona hospital in 2017.  He died days later and was cremated. The JAMA article which you can read about here from CNN and here from LiveScience, dealt with […]

Cemetery Cremation

A little help for our Veterans

Nothing earth shattering today, just a couple articles and information I noticed about America’s veterans and a notice from the Department of Veteran Affairs. One of the things we have written about on Funeral Director Daily is that with the growth of direct cremation there tends to be a few cremated remains that just never get picked up by family from your funeral home.  I’ve thought about this and I’ve came to the conclusion that sometimes people just don’t know […]


“Hands On” Cremation

I recently read an article from the Post Register of Idaho Falls, Idaho that pertained to the Wood Funeral Home of Idaho Falls and Ammon, Idaho building a 4,000 square foot facility to cater to cremation choice families.  You can read the article here.  My original intent after looking at the article very briefly was to write an article on the financial aspects of owing your own crematory as compared to serving cremation families by sending your cremations to a […]


Cremated Remains Stolen. . . What’s your Policy?

Over the weekend we learned that the cremated remains of three people had been stolen before they could be sent to their respective loved ones.  You can read an article and see a news video from Las Vegas News 8 here that explains the situation. From what I can gather remains from Las Vegas Cremations had been dispatched by the funeral home and transported to the local post office by an employee.  When the employee arrived at the post office […]


Do you know your trade partners?

Back in 2002 all of us in the death care industry got a shock when we found out about what was happening in Georgia with the case of the Tri-State Crematory.  For those of you who are too young or just don’t remember it was the first time we ever heard of a funeral trade services provider willfully being found to have multiple violations of care of the bodies entrusted to them.  Funeral homes from all over the area had […]


Spanish province backtracks on cremation ban of the obese

Spain’s Valencia region backtracked on some proposed regulations concerning cremation last week.  The area had issued proposed regulations for human cremations as the practice is growing in demand in the area.  The governmental region had mentioned that they are concerned with, and want to curtail, emissions from incineration. You can read about these ideas here. One of the proposed rules had to do with a ban on the cremation of very obese bodies.  Originally, they chose to include this ban […]

Business Cremation

The Revenue Drop

While I did not attend the recent National Funeral Director’s Association gathering in Salt Lake City, I recently visited with an attendee about the gathering.  One of the things that this veteran funeral director told me was that he cannot remember a time when so many traditional funeral home owners talked about revenue declines and the havoc they could lead to in the traditional industry. We all know what is causing revenue declines — it is the continued growth of […]


Jury Awards Mom in California Coroner Cremation Case

You can read an article here from Sacramento’s CBS Local which explains a jury award just last Friday that amounted to $605,000 victory for the mother of an infant cremated without her expressed wishes. The Los Angeles County based case actually put the damages to the mother at $1.1 million but also said that the mother, Yvette Diaz was 45% negligent for what happened.  According to the article, Diaz gave birth in May 2016 and the child died the next […]


Being Careful with Cremation

With cremation as a choice of disposition gaining acceptance and practice across the United States it stands to reason that funeral homes and crematory operators don’t just get into “a routine” without checking all of the boxes prior to the actual cremation.  Since cremation is irreversible, it behooves us as a profession to get it done right. . . every time. When we installed a crematory into our funeral home in 2006 I put into place a cremation checklist which […]


Cremation growing in France

It is always interesting to see what is happening in the death care profession around the world.  We recently came across this article from the Connexion with news from France that indicates the growing trend of cremation is also occurring in that country. According to that article 63% of the people asked in 2018 said that they would choose cremation over burial.  That is up from 51% just three years ago. In an increase similar to what we have seen […]