Ritual vs. Memorialization. . . . do we need both?

Deaths will always be with us.  However, the way we ritualize death and provide permanent memorialization for our loved ones seems to be ever evolving.  I believe that permanent memorialization has been under attack for a long time and faces long-term decline, but I also believe that ritual, and the way it evolves, may bring many opportunities for funeral homes that embrace some of the change. I come from a community in Minnesota that was settled by predominantly Scandinavians and […]

Afternoon Edition Cemetery

Afternoon edition: San Diego cemetery fight, CE webinar, what’s a “Payroll Tax holiday”, and more

In today’s afternoon edition we bring you the tale of the Archdiocese of San Diego attempting to zone vacant land it has owned for some time into a cemetery to serve the people of its parishes.  Homeowners in the area are not necessarily excited to see a cemetery near their homes citing property tax devaluation as the main reason.  You can access the article here.     We also bring you a registration for, what we believe, will be an […]

Afternoon Edition Cemetery Preneed

Afternoon edition: FDLIC brightens up, SCI buys adjoining cemetery property, and more

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we have a couple of national firms in the news for differing reasons.  First of all, we will tell you of Funeral Directors Life (FDLIC) and their investment in saving some of the world’s energy.  They recently added a parking lot that will be covered by about 1300 solar panels that will provide energy for the company’s corporate headquarters.  You can see photos in this article here. And we also bring you […]


Weekend edition: A little heavy on cemetery and virtual funeral news. . .but some weekend reading for you

This weekend edition of Funeral Director Daily leads off with a great story you can access here.  It is a story written by Isabella Jibilian for Business Insider.  Jibilian describes herself as a graduate student who sought out management at Fernwood Cemetery so she could write about the high cost of real estate which, down the real estate ladder, she thought would probably affect the price of a grave space. She says, however, her visit and tour of the cemetery […]

Afternoon Edition Cemetery

Afternoon edition: The Cemetery Men. . . and more

Today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily brings you stories about two men on a mission.  And, these men live and work in separate hemispheres but both have found a calling among the COVID-19 pandemic. Our first story is that of Brother Ronald Marin and comes to us from the Catholic publication, Crux.  Brother Marin is a Venezuelan who is spending time administering funerals in the cemeteries of Lima, Peru.  It is estimated that more than a quarter of the […]


Here’s a new gig at the cemetery

Over the last couple of years Funeral Director Daily has done many articles that pertain to cemeteries, not only in the United States, but around the world.  Many of those articles have dealt with the uniqueness of a cemetery or the lack of upkeep in a cemetery, or, because of that lack of upkeep, an effort to clean up cemeteries. We’ve also talked about the business of cemeteries and how many cemeteries find themselves in financially negative cash-flow positions because […]

Cemetery Preneed

Better late than never

In the news last week was a story of deceased New York state firefighter Anthony Fatale and the delayed legacy of his life.  Fatale had died two years ago in 2018 at the age of 70. Fatale was single, an Air Force veteran,  and a member of the Nyack Fire Department, who many colleagues say was “larger than life”.  David Gottlieb of Empire Hook & Ladder Company No. 1 had this to say according to an article and video that […]

Afternoon Edition Cemetery

Afternoon edition. . .heavy on cemetery news

The afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily weighs heavily with cemetery related news.  Let’s see. . . .we’ve got a name change, a cemetery hoping to receive historical certification, and a cemetery where Action News Troubleshooters tells of a cemetery where it took some time, but eventually, the consumer was taken care of.  Medway Cemetery completes final phase in process toward receiving national historical status.  Milford Daily News (MA) Action News Troubleshooters help widow with husband’s headstone.  WPVA – 6 […]


America’s cemetery problems

Summer is, historically, a time that relatives visit the graves of long deceased members of the family.  Generally, between Memorial Day and Labor Day many families pack up for an afternoon and take a short trip to visit and do some upkeep on the family graves.  Others visit when they get back to their hometowns for a high school reunion or just to go visit relatives who still live in the childhood community. Well, that is the way it used […]


Pennsylvania church apparently moves graves without permission

I came across this article from the Echo Pilot of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, the other day.  To me, it is a somewhat disturbing article on a church cemetery, or what I’ll call an annex, with apparently only two burials in the annex.  The church also owns a main cemetery and apparently were moving two vaults from graves in the annex to the main cemetery without family approval.  Oddly enough, a relative of the people being moved came upon the scene as […]