Will the “re-opening” of America move the needle on funeral home revenue?

Last week has had a lot of COVID world firsts for me.  Let’s see, I left my county for the first time since March, albeit about one block south of the county line to attend a hybrid graduation party.  I also ate inside a restaurant on Wednesday for the first time since March when one of my friends and I went to one of our 25% capacity restaurants for lunch.  And, on Friday I participated in a Zoom meeting where […]


COVID-19 and its possible effects on the funeral profession

As I dwell on what is going on currently – such as the market rebounding to its past level, businesses opening up across the country, and school administrators deciding on how to safely open up for classes in the Fall, I cannot help but wonder if the funeral profession will have ramifications because of the three month period we have just went through. Let’s see, across the country we have had mass layoffs bordering on the unemployment statistics of the […]


Goings on in the independent funeral home world

Sometimes I can get going about a subject and give you my opinion before you have even had a chance to read the article and form an opinion on your own.  Like everybody, my experiences that I have lived slant the opinions that I profess. And, while I grew up and operated as a 4th generation funeral director in a family firm that is now in its 147th year, I like to think that I am not favored to the […]


Is “Old Fashioned” the new technology

A couple of non-death care profession articles that I read this weekend really made me think of the death care profession and where we are moving.  Just to make the record straight before I get into where we might be moving, I want to point out that I think all businesses are perpetually “moving” to reach the consumer as life, including technology, changes. In other words, it is not unusual to think about the profession “moving” or maybe “moving forward” […]

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Catching up with eziFunerals

There is no doubt that opinions can sway back and forth and can change over time.  I’ve noticed it in my own life. . . . as a young person I pretty much looked at every issue as black or white.  As I’ve aged and had the opportunity to experience more things, meet different people, and take the time to look at things from another’s perspective. . . .I’ve come to see the world in differing shades of gray. . […]


Moving into niche death care

Today’s Funeral Director Daily feature will have a decidedly Minnesota bent to it.  We are going to tell you of Angela Woosley, a mortician and recently a senior teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota who has decided to leave the academic world and pursue her own business that will provide alternative end-of-life options for clients, legacy project planning, and planning for in-home vigils and funerals. And, we will tell you a little bit about the state’s readiness when it […]

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Keeping the business flowing

I love the idea of “American ingenuity”.  To me it means the thought process that is developed to keep things moving ahead even when the system to do so has been upended.  And, around the world this Spring, the system has truly been upended with the advent of the COVID-19 situation. However, if you are a small business, you have to figure out a way to keep the cash rolling in so that you can pay the bills.  Many small […]


Survey says funeral trends changing

Cision PR Newswire published the results of the Foresight Companies 2020 Funeral and Cemetery Behavior Study on Wednesday.  You can see the Cision article here.  In it they mention that this survey was based on 2,548 respondents “drawn from a nationally representative panel sample of U.S. residents.” Chris Cruger, Partner and Chief Operation Officer at the Foresight Companies was quoted, “The resulting business implications the study points to are colossal – especially for a sector largely unchanged for decades.  How […]

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Random thoughts: Building market share through preneed. . . .CBS Interactive’s “The Future of Funerals’ series

For almost 40 years our funeral home has had advertising for preneed clientele based on the premise, “Like an umbrella in a sudden shower, some things are good to have before they are needed”.  In different ways on radio, print, and online we go on to explain that preneed funeral insurance is one of those things that should be purchased before needed.  It has been a very positive promotion of preneed and, of course, we carry it all the way […]


COVID-19, funeral directors, and a viewpoint from one of our colleagues north of the border

I recently came across this article from Toronto Life.  It is excellent . . . you should read it.  I found it heartwarming, compassionate, and sincere — it is about a funeral director and a funeral home trying to give care in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a quote from the article which I thought very appropriate, not only to this time, but could be relative to “normal” times in the funeral business as well.  “It’s a calling […]