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Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: “Get to Know Them” – Bob Heidlage

Today’s “Get to Know Them” article features Bob Heidlage of Global Recruiters of Cincinnati..  I know Bob only from his kind comments that he passed on to me about his daily reading of Funeral Director Daily.  From those comments I wanted to know more about him and his link to the death care profession.  From what Bob tells us in this interview, I think he would be a valuable person for individuals, company personnel directors, and funeral home owners to […]

Finance Preneed

Come together . . . . .The Domani Group and Homesteaders Life Company

The other day we received a press release announcing that “The Domani Group joins forces with Homesteaders Life Company”.  In that release, which you can read here, it announced “The Domani Group, a leader in preneed and aftercare solutions for funeral homes, is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Homesteaders Life Company.”   This announcement came on the heels of our story on Monday that mentioned Providence Equity Partners and their experiencing in partnering funeral technology companies to bring […]

Business Cremation

COVID-19 and Cremation. . .more cremation. . what could it mean

The last thing I want to do with Funeral Director Daily is get into political sides of issues.  And, I will try to once again straddle the line today with this article I entitle “COVID-19 and Cremation. . more cremation. . what could it mean”.  I happened to see this article entitled “The COVID-19 Cremation Trend” from Next Avenue and tried to use it while looking up statistics from the Center for Disease Control to understand the phenomena as it […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Funeral Home of the Week

Today we start a new feature with Funeral Director Daily.  This feature is entitled, “Funeral Home of the Week”, and is just what it says it is — each week we will present one funeral home in an interview process for others to learn about.  It is our hope, as we feature all sizes of funeral homes from North America, and once in a while from other continents, that funeral practitioners will be able to glean information that can be […]


Death Care and the possible new orientation

Yesterday we published an article dealing with the potential $1 billion value of a consolidated group of companies that serve the death care space.  Yet, to my knowledge, not one of these companies deals with the physical aspect of taking care of the deceased human being.   I was, and still am,  somewhat astonished at that amount of money for some companies that, in my opinion, are ancillary to what I would call “the process of death care”. It made me […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Utah funeral director hopes to build business with donated services

It’s not everyday when someone opens a business and then says they are going to build that business by donating the business’ services.  However, that is exactly what James Stephens is saying as the Managing Funeral Director of the new White Pines Funeral Home in Logan, Utah. According to this article from the Herald Journal News of Utah, Stephens and a group of investors are expected to open their funeral home in mid-October.  The group purchased the building from foreclosure […]


Can Providence get $1 Billion for funeral group

It was only two years ago that many of us were introduced to a major player in the global private equity industry named Providence Equity Partners.  According to this article which appeared on the American Funeral Association blog in December 2018, Providence had made inquiries into many companies in businesses that I will define as “businesses that support funeral homes in the death care industry”.   They were not like the acquisition consolidators that we all have known about that target […]


Weekend Edition: Mushroom coffin, venture funded start-ups, Co-op Funeral reports

As we head into what we hope is a terrific Fall weekend Funeral Director Daily brings you three features as well as other articles on the world of death care. Our features include an article, that you can read here, about the Netherlands and the first person put in a “Mushroom Coffin” last week that is designed to turn the body into compost.  The “Living Cocoon, as inventor Bob Henrikx calls it, is designed as the first living coffin and, […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: “Get to Know Them” – Mary Lou Cressy

As we told you last Thursday, Funeral Director Daily has started a new feature every Thursday entitled, “Get to Know Them”.  In this feature we bring you an interview with someone in the Death Care profession/industry.  From writing this blog I’ve learned that there are so many valuable people who keep our profession moving and making difficult times for families experiencing a loss much easier.  This is our attempt to feature some of these people who we all have come […]


Know your responsibilities with live streaming

Every once in a while I read an article and I think to myself, “Wow, that should never have happened”.  However, if I’m honest with myself, I can see how that did happen and usually think about what my mom used to say, “If not for the grace of God, there go I”, because it could happen to me if I was not careful. Anyone who has spent any time in a preparation room in the funeral home might have […]