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Last November we brought you this article which told of a trend setting funeral establishment in London created by restauranteer Oliver Peyton, branded “Exit Here”.  It comes from an idea that Peyton had to provide more choice and fashion to death care arrangements in a rapidly increasing secularized Great Britain.

Today we bring you another start up from Great Britain somewhat along the same lines.  It is a storefront funeral experience calling itself “Beyond” and is located in Aylesbury.  They advertise their prices boldly and also tell consumers that they will assist with simple or complex wills and offer services that will help survivors to administer an estate.  You can read an article about the company here.

While Oliver Peyton, at least in part, opened “Exit Here” to offer more choice in death care options, it appears that “Beyond” was opened in frustration that the founders could not get more funeral/cremation firms to to list services and prices on line.  Beyond started simply as an on-line tool for funeral comparisons. The company had stated that they wanted consumers to realize that there are better values available.

However, in frustration that not many funeral directors would list prices on-line they decided to start their own funeral establishment.  Ian Strang, a co-founder of Beyond commented, “The Aylesbury store will hopefully be the first of many and it really stands out from the crowd.  We’ve worked hard for five years to help the industry improve but our mission remains unfulfilled.  They say if you can’t beat them, join them.  That’s why we’re hitting the high street, so people can see that there are better value alternatives. . . ”

Beyond’s pricing is listed on their web-site and it ranges (in U.S. dollars) from $1,804 for a direct cremation with no services, to $3385 for a cremation with ceremony in their facility, to $4288 for a traditional funeral service held at the crematory.

You can see Beyond’s web-site and more information here

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